Hurricanes and Men’s Health Strategies

If you are a single man you’ll need to have hurricane preparedness all figured out prior to the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season. You need to determine if you plan to evacuate and which category of storms you’re willing to endure and stay home. If you fail to evacuate during mandatory evacuation periods and you find yourself alone, then you may also find yourself without power or water for three to four weeks.

You may also experience flooding in your area of or even inside your home and you must maintain your health. To do this you’ll need fresh bottled water supplies and it makes sense to get a portable generator so you can cook some of your food. You’ll also need gasoline cans in order to run your generator and you will not be able to run it all the time.

Proper hygiene will also be important you’ll need at least one gallon per day for yourself to drink and 3.5 gallons per for other bodily needs of water and hygiene. If you do not plan for such events then the hurricane will become a major problem for yourself and your health. You should also consider isometric and cardiovascular workouts, which you can do if you do not old home gym equipment.

Or perhaps you’ll like to buy some home gym equipment which you can utilize to take away some of the boring hours you will endure with no television set and no power. Please consider all this in 2006.

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